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Worker Arrested For Selling Pot Brownies At Sonic

Police have arrested a man who is accused of selling marijuana brownies and cookies while working at a Sonic Drive-In in Austin, Texas.

An anonymous tip pointed authorities to Sonic employee Tyler Wallace, according to KVUE. The man was seen leaving a hotel room in his Sonic uniform carrying "two large bags," before entering a car with another person. Police witnessed the driver fail to stop at a stop sign, and a K-9 search of the vehicle was conducted, leading to police finding drugs in the car.

Officers had found his girlfriend through social media, and located her car at the hotel, which is known to be frequented by drug dealers and users.

The search reportedly revealed large amounts of marijuana in Wallace's bag, as well as candies which were suspected to contain THC, the active chemicals in marijuana responsible for its psychological effects. An affidavit from the arrest said that some of the candies appeared to be packaged for "quick, easy distribution."

Officers told Wallace that they had been investigating him for over a month, according to WWMT. The anonymous tipster had reported that a white male who was on probation was selling marijuana brownies and cookies while working as a carhop at Sonic.

Wallace then reportedly waived his right to have a lawyer present, admitting that the suspected narcotics in the bag were his, as well as admitting that the candies contained "hash." He told officers that he had been selling drugs for the past few months in order to help support his family.

Police later tested the candies, confirming that they had THC. Wallace is reported to have had 47 of the drug-laced candies.

Wallace had worked as a carhop at a Sonic restaurant in North Austin. The Sonic Drive-In where he is suspected to have sold drugs is located next to a police substation, according to KTBC.

Wallace has prior charges including unlawful carrying of a weapon, fleeing from police, and possession of a dangerous drug.

On Aug. 2, Wallace was booked into the Travis County Jail on drug charges. He has been charged with felony possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

Sources: KVUE, KTBC, WWMT / Photo Credit: Malika Ladak/Flickr

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