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Son Witnesses Stepfather Putting His Hands On His Mom, Teaches Him A Painful Lesson (Video)

When a protective son found out that a man had hit his mother, he solved the problem with one mighty punch caught on video (below).

According to, the man was the son's stepdad, and he had likely hit her before, judging by the way that the son tells him, "I f*cking told you!" in the video.

In the video, there is some kind of altercation outside of a quiet residential area, off to the side of the road, and it appears as though somebody had just hit the woman, as her head jerks and she puts a hand over her face. Suddenly, the son is livid.

"Shut the f*ck up!" the son yells. "Motherf*cker!" he yells, throwing one punch that knocks the older man to the ground.

He lies there, apparently knocked out for a second. He stirs slowly and makes small movements but never gets up or says another word.

The boy's mother runs over to the knocked down man and kneels down to tend to him. She appears to have already forgiven the man for hitting her, as she check to make sure that he is alright and maybe even apologizes for what she thought she did wrong.

"Mama, he hit you," a young woman's voice, presumably that of the woman's daughter, says off screen, alarmed that she would run to comfort him so quickly.

"You f*cking b*tch," the son says. "I f*cking told you."

"He hit her," the woman's daughter explains to somebody off screen, most likely the son. "He deserved it."

Unfortunately, it is not very common for abusers to instantly change their behavior when it has become a pattern, as Mayo Clinic notes, especially considering that the woman seemed to take him back immediately and show affection towards him, despite him hitting her earlier. However, considering how hard the son hit the older man, we can at least hope that he taught a valuable lesson that he won't easily forget.

(Warning: strong language)

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Photo Credit: Screenshot/Youtube


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