Mother Blocked From Visiting Her Son Because He Says She's Too Ugly (Video)


A Chinese man is allegedly refusing to see his mother because, according to him, she’s “too ugly.”

63-year-old Ding Liang was reportedly outside of a housing complex when 53-year-old Hsin Pai asked her what she was doing.

"I asked her what she was doing, I thought she was looking at the garbage and was going to tell her to go away,” Pai said. “She had a carrying pole which indicated she was someone from the countryside and I thought she was looking for rubbish that she might be able to sell. When she told me that she came to the big city to visit her son and showed me the clothes that she had made for her new grandchild, I felt a bit guilty and decided to try and help her."

When he tried to help her call her son, they were unable to reach him, and that’s when Liang broke out into tears.

“I wasn't getting any answer either so I asked her what she had arranged with him, and she told me that actually she hadn't arranged anything,” Pai said. “I asked her why and then she burst into tears and told me that actually her son had told her he was only calling to say that his wife had had a baby, but he didn't want her to visit because she was too ugly and would embarrass him in front of his new friends.”

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Liang says that she decided to make the five-hour trip despite her son’s wishes because she was determined to see her new grandchild, but when she got there, he would not return any of her calls.

“My husband told me not to come, and I said our daughter-in-law has given birth, so I definitely must come, that I’ll bring some stuff to give them,” Liang said. “I got up at 4am and got here a little after 9am. But I have been waiting here all day long and my son is still not answering his phone.”

Reports say that Liang never did get to see her son, and although Liang claims he doesn’t want to see her because she’s too ugly, many believe that there could be another reason.

Sources: Daily Mail, Austrian Times


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