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Son Kills Parents And Dissolves Them In Acid

A 28-year-old man has been charged with stabbing his parents to death, then dismembering them and dissolving them in acid.

Joel Michael Guy, Jr. was arrested for the crime on Nov. 29 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, reports the Daily Mail.

It is believed that Joel’s 61-year-old father Joel Michael Guy, Sr. and his 55-year-old mother Lisa Guy, were killed on Nov. 25 or 26.

The killings took place in West Knox County, Tennessee, at the home of the parents. The suspect, who lives in Baton Rouge and had been attending LSU until last year, was visiting his parents for Thanksgiving at the time of the crime.

The remains of the victims were found in multiple rooms in their West Knox County house, the Tennessee sheriff's office said. There was an apparent attempt to destroy the evidence, as body parts were discovered in acid.

Regarding the scene of the crime, Sheriff Michael MacLean said to WBIR: “It would be described as horrific -- a very gruesome crime scene.” A HAZMAT team was required to remove the remains, which were taken to the Regional Forensic Center for examination.

According to MacLean, Guy is unemployed and apparently asked his parents for money. They had reportedly been supporting him for the past nine years while he attended college.

However, they were reportedly going to cut him off financially, according to what Guy, Sr.'s relatives told the Kingsport Times-News.

The suspect’s sisters, who had visited with the suspect during his Thanksgiving visit, told investigators that their brother seemed normal prior to the slayings. They were surprised, however, that he stayed for the weekend instead of heading back to Louisiana on Nov. 25 as planned.

That day was the last day the parents were seen alive. They had recently sold their home and were planning to retire to the home formerly owned by Guy, Sr.’s deceased mother.

The suspect does not have a prior criminal history.

Sources: Daily Mail, Kingsport Times-News, WBIR / Photo credit: Knox County Sheriff's Office via Daily Mail

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