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Son Sent To Prison For Beating His Father To Defend His Mother

After years of watching his mother being beaten at the hands of his father, Benjamin Wilson, 22, took action.

Now he’s looking at more jail time than his father ever did.

Benjamin was sentenced to six years in prison for assaulting his father, Craig Wilson, 46, with a hammer. According to Mirror, Benjamin explained in a York, United Kingdom, court that he raced upstairs in the family home after hearing crashing and shouting coming from his parents' bedroom, taking his father’s hammer with him.

Benjamin’s lawyer, Simon Bickler, said, “[Benjamin] went into that room effectively to defend his mother.”

Craig, who drank heavily and was frequently verbally and physically abusive towards his wife and son, once served two years in prison for assaulting his wife. On the night of this attack, Craig allegedly threatened to get a knife and “chop everybody up.”

“The use of that weapon was very much of the moment," Bickler added. "The defendant ceased the attack of his own volition.” After beating his father, Benjamin believed he’d killed him and turned himself into police. 

Though Craig has since recovered, paramedics found him severely injured with “multiple holes in his head and face.” He sustained fractures to his jaw, cheekbone, eye sockets, forehead and nose, had a bleed on his brain, and was put into an artificial coma and on a ventilator to undergo a tracheotomy.

Judge Simon Bourne-Arton said it was a sustained attack with a “fearsome weapon” on a defenseless man.

When Craig was sober, he was allegedly an upstanding family man who had a good relationship with his son. During the May 31 attack, however, he "was at his worst," Bourne-Arton said. “He was drunk, he was abusive, uttering foul abuse towards you and others, and he was threatening violence.”

Benjamin was initially sentenced to 12 years in prison, but the sentence was reduced due to his clean record and the atmosphere of persistent abuse he lived in.

Source: Mirror / Image via WikiCommons


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