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Son Says DEA Agents Shot His Mother By Mistake During Raid

The son of a woman who was shot during a DEA raid says it was all a big mistake. And seeing as no one was charged as a result of the raid, it appears he may be right.

The DEA raid took place in late August at the home of Daniel Nunez’s mother, Lilian Alonzo.

Alonzo was caring for her daughter’s young children at the time of the raid. When DEA agents barged into the apartment, she reached for an infant girl.

“She (Alonzo) went to pick up the baby. They thought she was reaching for something, and they shot her,” Nunez told the New Hampshire Union Leader.

The raid on the apartment proved unsuccessful as no drugs, weapons, or large amounts of cash were found, reports Police State USA.

Alonzo was shot by an officer during the raid. The bullet struck Alonzo in the arm and torso, and became lodged in her left rib cage.

Alonzo required 30 stitches and the bullet is still in her, Nunez said.

The search warrant was issued for Alonzo’s home after a drug ring had been broken up earlier in the day that involved the transport and sale of large amounts of oxycodone.

Alonzo’s daughters—Johanna Nunez and Jennifer Nunez—were both arrested in connection with the drug ring. Niether of them lived with their mother.

The investigation had been going on for more than a year, and the DEA reportedly knew children frequented Alonzo’s home.

Daniel Nunez says his mother knew nothing about her daughters alleged involvement in the drug ring.

“They didn’t find anything at all or else my mom would have been arrested,” Nunez said. “Mom had nothing to do with this.”

An investigation into whether the shooting was justified is ongoing.

Alonzo is not facing criminal charges.

Photo Source: New Hampshire Union Leader


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