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Son Reveals What Led To His Happily Married Parents Throwing Themselves In Front Of A Train

The son of a New York couple that was hit while standing in front of a speeding freight train on Sunday says his father called him beforehand to apologize for what he was about to do.

Earl and Mary Myatt, of Oneida, married when they were just 17. After 42 years the couple allegedly decided to end it all because Mary was struggling to recover from a brain aneurysm and her husband was left devastated by her condition.

Earl called his son on Sunday before he and his wife were fatally struck by the CSX train in Verona.

"He just said he loved me and he was sorry," their 30-year-old son, Brad Myatt, told

Mary suffered a brain aneurysm in January and was in intensive care at Upstate University Hospital for a month, Brad Myatt said. She had multiple surgeries performed on her skull.

Since the aneurysm she would get lost in conversations and didn’t always know what was happening around her. She also struggled to use the bathroom on her own. She was frustrated and her husband was depressed, according to their son.

"She was his world," Brad Myatt said.

He says he begged his father to tell him where they were, but Earl hung up.

"We were spoiled in receiving two fantastic parents," he said.

The couple leaves behind four grandchildren.

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