Son Murders Mother By 'Almost Decapitating Her', Police Say


A 26-year-old Delaware man has been arrested by state police and charged with first-degree murder in the death of his mother, Yolande Georges.

Dukinson Appolon was taken into custody on Jan. 7 after local police received a complaint that he was acting suspiciously and walking in the middle of the road, according to WMDT.

Police said when they confronted Appolon, he was covered in blood and tried to stab himself with a pen. An officer used a Taser on Appolon before he was taken into custody.

Later that day, at approximately 1:30 p.m., police were called to an apartment in the city of Laurel, where the body of 61-year-old Georges was discovered, according to Delaware Online. She had a deep cut in her neck, which was subsequently found to have been caused by a machete. Court documents said she was almost decapitated.

The bloody weapon was found on the floor of Appolon’s upstairs bedroom.

Georges was pronounced dead at the scene. Appolon is being held without bail.

“That's pretty sick, to kill your own mother like that,” a resident on the street where the mother and son lived told WMDT.

“When I heard about it, [it] was just a big shock,” said another.

Jerry Henry, a former classmate of Appolon, also struggled to explain the incident.

“He was just a cool guy,” he told WMDT. “He kept himself looking good. He was always the guy to be around, he was a funny kid. In the band, and musical-wise, he was real talented.”

The violent incident has caused one anonymous resident to consider moving.

“Over the past couple years, this whole development has been getting worse and worse,” the neighbor said.

Appolon is due to have a court hearing on Jan. 14.

Sources: Delaware Online, WMDT/ Photo credit: Delaware State Police via Delaware Online

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