NYPD Arrests Son Of Eric Garner For Allegedly Riding Stolen Citibike


In July 2014, Eric Garner died after being put in a chokehold by a New York City Police Department (NYPD) officer, and his death sparked national outrage. Now his teenage son has also had a run-in with the NYPD.

Police sources said that Emery Snipes, 16, was cycling against the traffic on a stolen Citibike before entering a playground park with his friends after dark on Oct. 27, according to the New York Post.

Snipes told the New York Post that he found the loose bike on the corner and decided to take it out for a spin.

"I wasn't thinking it was stolen I was just playing around," he added. "I was going to put it back."

Police reportedly asked Snipes for a receipt, and when he couldn't produce one, they called the company. After checking the bike's serial number, they then determined it was stolen.

All of Snipes' friends were riding their own bikes.

Snipes was charged with criminal possession of stolen property over $1,000, being in the park after hours, and a traffic offense.

A judge sentenced him to one day of community service and added that if he remains out of trouble for six months, the charges will be dropped.

“I’m angry, but you know what? He’s a teenager, and he has to learn," Esaw Garner, Snipes' mother and Eric's widow, said. "If this was just a regular teenager this wouldn’t be a thing, but because he’s Eric Garner’s son, it is."

She added to the New York Daily News that Snipes is "definitely grounded."

"I'm even taking his cell phone until I think he's earned the right to have it back," she said.

Sources: New York Daily News, New York Post / Photo credit: Steve White via New York Post, Chase Guttman/New York Daily News


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