Hidden Camera Captures Elder Abuse By Caregiver (Video)


A hidden camera captured a Georgia woman mistreating a defenseless elderly person who was under her care.

According to Loganville Local News, Lisa Williams, former employee of Personal Touch care home in Loganville, Georgia, is facing charges of aggravated assault by strangulation and exploitation of a disabled adult after hidden camera footage showed her kicking, hitting, and strangling a elderly woman who was sitting in a wheelchair.

"What the video captured was startling," said Deon Washington, Gwinnett County Police Corporal, as reported by WXIA News.

Police were contacted by the son of the wheelchair-bound 69-year-old woman, who lives at the home. He suspected that his mother was suffering from abuse, so he placed cameras in her bedroom.

In the footage, Williams can be seen yelling at the woman, hitting her in the head, kicking and stomping her feet, strangling her while attempting to change her shirt, and leaving the woman on the floor before exiting the room.

"Her physical condition prevented her from being able to ward off such repulsive attacks," the police statement said, as noted by the Loganville-Grayson Patch.

After viewing the video, Gwinnett County Police arrested Williams, who had been employed at the facility for only a few weeks.

"We are disgusted and saddened that people who are tasked with caring for some of the most vulnerable people in our society would use that as an opportunity to do intentional harm to them," the police department wrote in a press release, as noted by Loganville Local News. "We will not tolerate these types of acts against any member of our community. There will be a swift and thorough investigation that will support the criminal prosecution of Lisa Williams."

Williams is currently at Gwinnett County Jail. No bond has been set.

Washington said other residents of Personal Touch will be interviewed to see if they were abused as well. No evidence regarding major problems with the personal care home had been found as of April 8, as reported by WXIA.

According to the woman’s son, his mother will continue to stay at the home now that Williams is gone.  

Sources: WXIA, Loganville-Grayson Patch, Local Loganville News / Photo credit: WXIA

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