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Son Charged With Murder After Parents' Bodies Found In Freezer

A Springfield, Oregon, man has been charged with the murder of his parents after they were found stuffed in a freezer at their home.

Jeremy Ringquist, 38, and his parents, Randy and Karen Ringquist, lived together in the home where their bodies were discovered. Jeremy moved in around 6 months ago following a divorce.

An out-of-state relative who could not reach the couple contacted police and asked that they go check on them. The first time the police went to the home was on June 15, the second on June 22, and both times they found a note on the door saying the family was gone, Huffington Post reports.

On Tuesday, June 23, an officer went back to the home and when he knocked, a man inside called 911 and asked for a police negotiator.

That man was the slain couple’s son, Jeremy.

Officers forced their way inside the home and found Jeremy bleeding from allegedly self-inflicted wounds from a knife.

Upon searching the residence, police discovered the intact bodies of who they believe to be Randy and Karen in a chest-style freezer, reports Inquisitr.

“Anytime you have a death, it’s terrible,” said Sgt. Rich Charboneau. “We don’t have that many homicides here in this area, let alone Springfield, and so when you have two people whose bodies appear [that way], it’s sad.”

It is unknown when the parents were killed or how long they had been dead. Autopsy results are pending.

According to neighbors, Randy, 63, was often verbally abusive toward his wife and son.

Jeremy was treated for his injuries at a hospital and upon release arrested and charged on two counts of aggravated murder.

Sources: Inquisitr, Huffington Post

Photo Source: Inquisitr


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