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Son Allegedly Murders And Disembowels Mother

A man in California was charged with murdering and disemboweling his mother.

Court documents say 31-year-old Omar Pettigen used a tomahawk in his mother's apartment in Monroe, California, to hit her before he shot her in the back seven times and cut open her chest to remove her heart, reports Fox 29.

The documents claim he put Nailah Pettigen's heart back in her body and then masturbated because “he needed to be with himself and needed a release after the event.”

Nailah's ex-husband requested police to perform a welfare check at her home. They found her body in her bedroom. Police arrested Omar after the discovery on Oct. 4 near Oakland, California.

Authorities said Omar "did not show any signs of remorse."

“I asked how he felt about his actions and he said, 'good,'” one investigator wrote.

Omar told police he acted in self-defense after his mother pointed a gun at him during an argument. He says he then grabbed a hammer and knocked the gun away from her, and left the room and returned with the tomahawk, reports Fox 29.

Several people took to social media to express their surprise at Omar's actions. One person wrote: "I always knew Omar to be a kind person, and have known him for over 10 years when we first met working at Michaels craft stores at the HUB. His mother was a wonderful person and I always thought them to be close. This is beyond disturbing and heartbreaking."

Another person said: "She was my daughter's teacher 6 yrs ago and went far and beyond to help her. A very beautiful and (kind) spirit, I hope he didn't do it because she spoke so highly of her son."

Omar was arraigned Oct. 6 on murder and desecration of human remains charges. He was ordered held without bail.

The FBI reports there were 1,694 murders by knives or cutting instruments in 2011. An estimated 8,583 deaths from firearms were reported the same year.

Sources: Fox 29, FBI / Photo credit: Fremont Police Department


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