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Man Who Allegedly Killed His Mother Attacks Fellow Inmate, Deputy In Jail

A public court appearance for a Georgia man accused of stabbing his mother to death was canceled after the man reportedly choked another jail inmate and attacked a deputy.

Michael Jacobs, 21, confessed to the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office that he had stabbed his 54-year-old mother during an argument in their apartment on Jan. 3, Fox 5 reports. Dispatchers confirmed Jacobs' mother suffered from multiple stab wounds.

Jacobs was arrested and booked on multiple murder charges, and he was originally scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 5.

However, two incidents occurred in the jail prior to Jacobs' court appearance which led to its cancelation.

On Jan. 4, Jacobs choked another inmate with deputies in sight while food was being distributed in the jail's medical wing, 11Alive reports.  He was removed by deputies and faces an assault charge for the attack.

Then, while being escorted back to his cell on Jan. 5, Jacobs is reported to have taken "an aggressive posture and attempted to grab a Cherokee Sheriff's deputy," who then quickly subdued Jacobs.

Rather than removing Jacobs from his cell for a court appearance, the jail administration decided to bring in a Cherokee County judge to see Jacobs.

Jacobs has been ordered to undergo a mental competency exam after his lawyers requested one, WSB reports. With the assault charge, Jacobs now faces three charges and remains in jail without bond.

Sources: Fox 5, 11Alive, WSB / Photo Credit: Cherokee County Sheriff's Office via WSBTV

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