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Son, 4, Tells Police His Mother Has A 'Really Big' Gun During Drug Bust

The drug bust of a Colorado mother, Amber Maestas, got worse when her 4-year-old son told police about the “really big” gun she had in the home.

The child told police that “his mom had a gun and that it was really big,” according to the Grand Junction Police Department blog.

The information came after the child asked one of the detectives searching the home he shares with his mother whether he had a gun.

Maestas, 29, confessed to detectives that she had a loaded pistol under her mattress and a rifle in the closet. 

After checking the serial numbers on the firearms, the rifle was found to be reported stolen in Texas, New York Daily News reports.

Police initially went to Maestas’ home after receiving a tip that illegal drug activity was originating from the apartment.

Maestas allowed police to search her home after saying “there were people trying to get her in trouble,” according to the police department’s blog.

Within a minute of searching the apartment, methamphetamine was found, which was deemed accessible to the two children in the residence. A pipe used to smoke meth was found hidden on Maestas.

She told police she had smoked meth that morning.

Police also found other forms of drug paraphernalia, a hypodermic needle with liquid inside, .380 caliber ammunition, and what was suspected to be marijuana in reach of the children.

Maestas was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, possession of a weapon (drug offense), child abuse, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a schedule I/II controlled substance, theft, and possession of weapons by previous offender.

Maestas has previously been convicted of multiple felonies, including drug offenses.

Sources: New York Daily News, Grand Junction Police Department / Photo credit: Grand Junction Police Department


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