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Someone Is Taking iPods Out Of Their Boxes And Replacing Them With Erasers

This Christmas, millions of people across the world were elated when they tore off some cheesy snowman wrapping paper and found a shiny new Apple product inside. Once again, Apple products outsold Android tech gadgets this holiday season.

While most of these people are now proud owners of Apple products, San Diego Jim Nevarde is not. He spent $293 on an iPod for his wife, but when she opened up her gift she didn’t find quite what she expected.

In place of an iPod, she found a stack of index cards and five erasers. “School supplies! Just what I always wanted!” said no one.

Nevarde said there were “About five of them fit exactly in the space where the iPod goes. It was a little strange. Obviously, somebody got in there and rewrapped it with shrink-wrap.”

Nevarde went back to Target to return his less than thrilling Apple eraser. But when he went to a second Target to purchase another iPod, something incredible happened: more erasers.

Before purchasing the new iPod Nevarde asked the store clerk to open it and make sure he wasn’t being fooled again.

“Sure enough, it’s full of erasers,” Nevarde told 10 News. “Different color erasers but it’s full of erasers again…Either Target has an issue or Apple. Somebody in between has an issue with these.”

Target said they are looking into the incident. Nevarde says other retailers should be on the lookout for eraserPods too.

"Now I'm thinking what about Walmart?” Nevarde said. “What about all the other retailers that have iPods? They'd better start checking. It could be, I'm assuming, a nationwide recall on these just to see what's in there."

Sources: 10 News, Huffington Post


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