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Someone’s Leaving Poisoned Meatballs All Over San Francisco in Order to Kill Dogs?

Hundreds of meatballs laced with rat poison were found across San Francisco left in areas where dogs would most likely find them.

Police are alerting pet owners not to let their animals eat anything they find on the ground. They said meatballs were placed deliberately “where dogs defecate and against building lines.”

The latest poisoned meatball was found on Tuesday, and police believe most of them were collected and disposed of by residents.

Oskar, a 7-year-old dachshund, had a seizure after he ate one. Put on a ventilator, Oskar remains in critical, but stable condition. Police at Park station collected $250 to donate to the pup’s recovery. His owner, Dorothy Schechter, said the vet bill is expected to be $26,000.

Given his symptoms, Dr. Carrie Jurney, a board-certified neurologist at Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services, said the poison in Oskar’s system was likely strychnine.

“We’re still optimistic,” Jurney said. “We just have to get over a few more humps, but he’s a fighter.”

The meatballs were found in the neighborhoods of Twin Parks, Diamond Heights, Lower Haight, Cole Valley, Hayes Valley and Bernal Heights.

Sources: San Francisco Examiner, MSN, CBS


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