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Some Think This Little Animal Is An Elephant - It's Actually Something Else Entirely (Photos)

Images have surfaced of a piglet born with deformities that cause it to look like a hybrid of a pig and an elephant.

The piglet, born in Cambodia, has the large ears and the trunk-like nose of an elephant, the Daily Mail reports.

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Sadly, the deformities pose serious problems for the piglet. He is limp and is unable to open his eyes. 

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It is currently unknown if the piglet has survived. In 2014, a piglet was born in China with similar deformities but died within two hours of its birth because it had no mouth.

The piglet born in China was frozen after its death to prove that it was real. It was one of eight piglets born to its mother in Jilin, China. Its seven other siblings were born healthy.

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Sources: Daily MailAOL / Photo Credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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