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Some Say This Girl Got What She Deserved After She Punched A Guy In The Head (Video)

A clip recently uploaded to Live Leak has sparked debate online over whether or not it’s ever acceptable for a man to hit a woman.

In the now viral clip, a young woman who appears to be intoxicated takes a swing at a guy who is sitting down on a couch. The couple of punches she throws seem to be playful, but the girl is clearly drunk and not functioning with a clear mind.

After the girl hits the guy, she seems to laugh it off and think that it’s funny, but the guy, who may be drunk himself and is bleeding from his face, isn’t laughing. He is clearly angry, and while his possibly intoxicated friends mention that he should call the police, he decides that he would teach the girl a lesson by punching her in the face.

The girl winds up getting hit pretty hard in the face and gets a bloody lip as a result, and the friends in the room try to get the guy to leave, telling him he crossed a line.

Many seem to think that the girl got what she deserved, but others say that it is never okay to hit a woman.

“I thought he was pretty fair,” wrote YouTube user daemonicstar. “She had a few good shots on him for no good reason. Justice isn't pretty but was served.”

Others disagreed, saying that the guy should never have hit the woman and should simply have called the police if he was hurt.

“I can't believe what I have been reading. Do men have no honor anymore?” asked YouTube user Douglas Page. “Real men as a general rule do not hit women. Of course there are exceptions, like if the woman is twice your size and it is necessary to hit her to defend yourself. This was not the case, She was drunk and playing, even if it was inappropriate, it was not a malicious attack, and was not ongoing. This was not self defense but childish payback.

“Furthermore she is a toothpick and he is not, there are far better ways to get the point across than a full on punch to a woman half your size,” Douglas Page continued in his comment. “I was a runt in high school and endured full on punches from guys twice my size, I seriously doubt that even if she hit him with everything she had she could have really hurt him, and as the video shows, the only real injury he had was to his pride, I have had worse injuries shaving. This kid is not a man, and doesn't even understand the meaning of the word, and neither are those defending his actions. I really fear for our society when I see so many people with no sense of honor.”

One guy also disagreed with the man's actions, but for different reasons.

“I am a FIRM believer that everyone has the right to defend themselves,” YouTube used David C. Baker wrote. “When someone attacks you, you have the absolute right to do whatever is necessary to stop them. My problem here is that, when he hit her, she was not attacking him. She was being physically restrained from getting to him when he reached out and popped her. In that, it was not self-defense. Be that as it may allow me to state that I have ZERO respect for women who think it's OK to hit men and then hide, like cowards, behind their gender. Poke a dog and expect to get bitten.”

Do you think this guy should have punched the girl after she hit him?

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