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Some reason for doubt...

Dr. Greek says he is unfairly accused of being connected to animal right extremists.  But it seems such suspicion is not entirely unsubstantiated.

Specifically, Dr. Greek and his organization (AFMA) seem to share the same mailing address (2251 Refugio Rd, Goleta, CA 93117) as Mr. Rick Bogle, currently a Press Officer for the Animal Liberation Front, and founder of the Primate Freedom Project. (scroll down for address).

Mr. Bogle is known for openly justifying violent methods to achieve the goals of his movement.

Right after the accidental death of one of my colleagues in a car accident he wrote:

"Though it cannot be argued that the death of any vivisector is anything but a net good, XXXXX's death and his wife's injuries would have been more meaningful if the tire had failed as the result of some thoughtful tampering.... "   [I removed the name].

In various other posts Mr. Bogle offered his views that:

“Talk, nonviolence, and philosophy are all well and good, but it has been fire bombs and bullets that have been the most effective tools for change, historically, it seems to me.” 

"Killing is sometimes justified; it is sometimes an appropriate and even necessary moral response. [...] "

And in a widely disseminated email to investigators he explained to them:

“… You are a cancer.  Your elimination is justified.” 

And this individual apparently shares the same mailing address as Dr. Greek.

Can anyone be really surprised if someone were to suggest a connection between Dr. Greek and some radical elements of the animal rights movement?


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