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Couple Rewrites 'Offensive' Classic Christmas Song (Video)

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A singer-songwriter duo from Minnesota rewrote the lyrics to a classic song because they claim the song promotes sexual violence (video below). 

The Federalist Papers Project reports that Lydia Liza and Josiah Lemanski re-recorded the lyrics to "Baby It’s Cold Outside," because they claim the original song was too "rapey."  

The original song is a back-and-forth between a male and female singer, where the man is trying to stop the woman from leaving.

But according to CNN, the duo has always felt uncomfortable about the lyrics. 

"I've always had a big problem with the song. It's so aggressive and inappropriate," said Lemanski, 25.

Liza, 22, said she felt the same way. "We started thinking of the open-ended questions that song has," she said. "You never figure out if she gets to go home. You never figure out if there was something in her drink. It just leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth."

Of particular concern to Liza and Lemanski is the line, "What’s in this drink?" which they claim alludes to roofies, better known as the date-rape drug.  Still, many have suggested that the female singer is simply asking what type of liquor is in the drink. 

The couple hopes their new recording will help raise awareness of the song's "creepy" lyrics, as well as the problem of sexual assault on college campuses.  "It's not just a rare thing -- it happens all the time, everywhere. Every day. And I'm afraid for my sister. And I'm afraid for my friends. And I hope that this song gets people thinking about it," Lemanski said.

"I hope it will be on people's minds and that people will donate to charity or do some volunteer work at shelters or sexual assault centers. Like, if you think about this and you think it's a problem, definitely step out of your comfort zone and do something and help someone," Liza said.

The couple joked that other songs are in contention for rewrites, as well.  “A lot of people have suggested a bunch of songs, like Ella Fitzgerald's 'She Didn't Say Yes, She Didn't Say No' and Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines,'" said Liza. "We'll just do a whole album," she laughed.

Is the new song better than the original?  See for yourself. 

Sources: CNN, The Federalist Papers Project / Photo credit: The Federalist Papers Project

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