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Texas Man Caught Hitting 7-Year-Old 62 Times (Video)

A Texas man has been arrested after a camera caught him hitting his girlfriend's son, 7, with a belt over 60 times.

Kordarell Williams, 27, from northwest Houston, was arrested for child abuse after he was caught on film beating his girlfriend's 7-year-old son with a belt around 62 times, WCMH reports. The footage shows Williams hitting the child on his shoulders, torso, head and backside, as well as knocking him to the ground.

"This guy ravaged this kid, he was hit 62 times, we counted," Constable Alan Rosen of the Harris County Police Department said, according to KTRK. "He was bent over the hood of a car and hit with a belt. It's just an extremely sad situation."

Rosen said that a deputy saw the attack while monitoring the surveillance footage to look for illegal dumpers. The camera recorded Williams' license plate, allowing police to find him.

Though police have only released a short clip of the attack, the beating lasted for five minutes, according to the Mirror.

"He actually took the child, got around, looked around and started beating him," said Rosen. "We're talking about a 7-year-old child."

After Williams was arrested, the young boy was reportedly taken to a hospital for his injuries. Child Protective Services has said that it does not currently have custody of the 7-year-old.

"They observed the complainant to have bruising on both eyes and a swollen right eye, welts on his buttocks, legs and welts on his chest and bruising on his neck," a prosecutor said of the boy's injuries.

When reporters went to the home that Williams shares with his girlfriend, three children, and grandmother, the family said that they did not wish to talk about the incident.

Williams, who claimed he only hit the child 16 times, reportedly said that the blows had been punishment for theft.

"The suspect claimed the child had taken a little key chain, that's why he did it," said Rosen.

Williams is being held on a $30,000 bond.

"I'm proud and relieved that quick action by our deputies led to the arrest and to medical care for the child, and that justice will be done," said Rosen in a news release. "As a law enforcement leader, a parent and a life-long member of this community, I'm deeply concerned and upset by such an incident."

Sources: WCMH, KTRK, MirrorTimes Primes/YouTube / Photo credit: Mark Ramsay/Flickr

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