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Trump Supporters Blame Obama For Hurricane Katrina (Photos)

Trump Supporters Blame Obama For Hurricane Katrina (Photos) Promo Image

A number of President Donald Trump's supporters appear to believe that former President Barack Obama was president in 2005.

When Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans in August 2005, Obama was a U.S. Senator from Illinois. But that hasn't stopped some of his critics on social media from slamming his response to the devastating storm.

On Aug. 29, a Twitter user posted an image of six tweets that accused Obama of golfing during Katrina:

"How come we never saw Obama helping the Katrina victims? Oh, that's right he was golfing at that time."

"And where was Obama when Katrina hit. Vacationing and didn't answer for 3 days. You lefties are all on crack."

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"[You are] a nutcase. It was your Pres Obama who was golfing during Hurricane Katrina. Pres Trump has been very proactive in sending help [before] & NOW."

"Thank you Trump. [This] is how a real president leads. Where was Obama during Katrina? Probably golfing."

And while it appears that the above tweets may have been posted by bots, word nevertheless spread that Obama was on the golf course while Katrina rampaged through Louisiana and surrounding areas.

"What's [Trump] supposed to be doing … golfing like Obama during Katrina victims suffering?" one person tweeted on Aug. 28, according to Elite Daily. "He has at least been in contact & offering support."

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Pushing back against a tweet from Global News that asked whether the Trump administration was "ready to respond" to Hurricane Harvey, another Twitter user asked: "Was the Obama team ready for Katrina?"

Many people were quick to clarify that Obama was not in the White House until 2009. Others used satire to make fun of the confusion.

One user tweeted a meme that "compared" Trump's handling of Harvey to Obama's handling of Katrina:

"Hurricane Harvey hits: [Trump] jumps right into action. Hurricane Katrina hits: [Obama] doesn't even bother becoming president for another three years."

This isn't the first time Obama has been accused of dropping the ball with regard to Katrina. In 2013, a Public Policy Polling survey found that 29 percent of Louisiana Republicans thought Obama was responsible for the federal government's inadequate response to the storm, according to Talking Points Memo.

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Another 28 percent blamed George W. Bush -- who was actually president at the time -- while 44 percent said they didn't know who was responsible.

The Bush administration drew fierce criticism for its lackluster response, with Bush himself coming under fire for staying on vacation in Texas after Katrina made landfall. Much of the blame came down on the shoulders of Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Michael Brown, who would later resign.

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