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Some Believe Surveillance Footage From Idaho High School Proves Presence Of Ghost (Video)

Some believe that surveillance cameras captured proof of a ghost presence at an Idaho high school.

After returning from the holidays, staff members at Pocatello High School were shocked to look through surveillance footage and discover that while the school was completely empty, the lights switched between being on and off in random intervals multiple times. The footage also shows what appears to be a dark, ghostly presence standing in a doorway, heading out into the hallway, and running back into the classroom.

To substantiate their claims, staff members decided to call paranormal investigators John and Lisa Brian of the Scientific Paranormal Investigative Research Organization to see what their thoughts were, and both ghost hunters agreed that the figure was likely a ghost.

“We have watched it multiple times and even slowed it down and really analyzed it,” Lisa Brian told ABC 8 News. “It's a really great piece of footage. You can just see the lights going on and off, the police were called because of these issues going on in the building - all of that just goes to show that it wasn't something someone just put on there, but instead it was something that really happened.”

The dark figure in the doorway doesn’t look exactly like a person, so some have speculated that it could be dirt in front of the camera lens, but expert John Brian says that’s not the case at all.

“You can see that it's not necessarily a person, but more so a translucent figure walking down the hall,” John explained.

The school has a long history of unexplainable situations like this, so John and Lisa Brian said they jumped at the chance to investigate the surveillance footage.

“Pocatello High School has an incredible history, and so this really opens that door to be able to talk about Pocatello High School and talk about its history and the history of our town,” Lisa Brian said. “That's really important to us as well, because we want to be able to share all of that stuff since we all live here, we all love our city, and so this is kind of a cool way to open our door to some history.”

Sources:Daily Mail, NY Daily News, ABC 8 News / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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