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First Lady Criticized For State Dinner Dress (Photos)

For the Obamas' final state dinner, first lady Michelle Obama wore a flashy dress, saying she wanted to "save the best for last." Some have criticized the first lady for her choice of outfit.

At her final state dinner at the White House, Michelle Obama wore a custom rose gold chainmail gown by Atelier Versace. At state dinners, President Barack Obama and the first lady meet with leaders from around the world, as well as celebrities.

While many have commented on how the first lady looked in her flashy gown, others have been talking about something else that has to do with the dress: the cost.

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Right wing opinion site Mad World News pointed out that the Versace gown is not sold on the company's website, and was custom made for Michelle Obama for the event. The site says many custom Versace gowns cost $10,000-$40,000, with some costing several hundred thousand dollars.

Critics have chastised the Obamas for using taxpayer money to pay for personal items, such as the dress the first lady wore at the dinner, although there is no evidence to back up the claims.

According to TMZ, the dress cost roughly $12,000, although it was not said if the government paid for it.

Sources: Mad World NewsTMZ / Photo credit: Daily Mail via Mad World News

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