This Woman Was Killed For An Insane Reason


A Somali woman was killed yesterday for not wearing a veil in public, the BBC reports.

The woman is believed to have been killed by gunmen from al-Shabab, an extremist group in the country attempting to establish an Islamic state.

The woman, Ruqiya Farah Yarow, was killed by gunmen after she refused to put a veil over her face. The BBC says the gunmen first ordered her to veil herself and then left her home. When they returned later and found Yarow still unveiled, they killed her.

An al-Shabab spokesman denied the group is behind the killing. He said al-Shabab does not control the area in which Yarow lived. BBC Somalia analyst Mary Harper suggests that rogue militants within the group may have been responsible for Yarow’s death.

Al-Shabab is comprised of roughly 4,000-6,000 militants. The group joined Al-Qaeda in 2012 as a cell. Al-Shabab controls several rural regions in Somalia, and imposes strict forms of Sharia Law in those regions.


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