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Soldier Jeffery David Perez Arrested in the Death of His Toddler Son in Fayetteville, N.C.

A soldier in Fayetteville, N.C., has been arrested in the death of his son who reportedly shot himself while playing with a loaded handgun Saturday morning.

Jeffrey David Perez, 32, was home alone with his toddler son as well as two twin babies, while his wife was in Durham visiting a family member at the hospital.

Four-year-old Killian reportedly got hold of a loaded handgun he found on top of a refrigerator and accidentally shot himself.

According to police, Perez (pictured) was frantically attempting to save his son’s life when officers arrived at the scene. ABC News adds that emergency personnel also attempted to revive the toddler, but that the body was pronounced dead at the home.

“[Perez] was understandably very distraught and when we arrived on scene he had attempted to administer aid to the child,” Fayetteville Police Sgt. Steven Bates told ABC News. “He was in shock, he had all the symptoms of being in shock and understandably upset.”

According to The Virginian-Pilot, Perez was arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter and failure to secure a firearm. He was taken to Cumberland County Detention Facility but has reportedly been released.

Perez is a soldier in the United States Army, stationed in Fort Bragg.

This is reportedly the second case of the accidental shooting of a toddler in Fayetteville. Last month, 19-year-old Melvin Andre Clark was arrested (ABC Link2) after his 2-year-old daughter got a hold of a loaded .22 semi-automatic pistol that Clark left under the living room couch. The toddler was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center where she later died.

Sources: ABC News (2), The Virginian-Pilot


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