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Soldier Deployed Overseas Watches Helplessly Over FaceTime As This Happens To His Wife (Photos)

A Texas man has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for the brutal stabbing of a pregnant military wife while her husband watched in horror via webcam.

Back in October of last year, Rachel Poole was using FaceTime with her husband, Justin, who was stationed in Qatar at the time, when Corey Bernard Moss, 20, entered their home and proceeded to stab the nine-months pregnant woman with a utility knife. Justin watched in horror over FaceTime, unable to do anything for her as she was stabbed repeatedly all over her body.

Miraculously, both Poole and her unborn baby survived the incident, and reports say that Moss’ reason for stabbing the pregnant woman was because he owed them money for damages to a vehicle they loaned him as well as for groceries and medication they gave him.

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This week, Moss appeared before a court and pleaded guilty to the charges against him, which included burglary of habitation with intent to commit a felony. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the gruesome crime, and he has the potential to be paroled after 15 years.

"I am glad that it's over, but I wish I could say that I feel justice was served,” Rachel Poole said. "I haven't fully processed everything yet, but it's nothing I can change either.”

Justin also said he didn’t understand why the sentencing was so light for Moss.

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“Thirty years was not enough with a chance to get out in 15 years,” said Justin Poole. “Knowing Corey Moss, bringing him into our family and for him to know that my wife was pregnant, I doubt anyone else would agree with the jury that 30 years is the right amount of time.”

During court proceedings, Moss explained why he decided to stab Poole in the first place.

“Money was really tight, rent was due, I got paid on that Thursday and I knew I couldn't give it to Rachel Poole, I knew I had other priorities,” said Moss, who owed Justin and Rachel a few thousand dollars and was being forced by his military superiors to pay them back immediately. “My mindset was that my relationship with my fiancee was more important than getting the truck fixed, I kept bullshitting, delaying, and making up excuses to the Pooles as to why I couldn't pay them back.”

Moss says that he repeatedly stabbed Rachel as she pleaded for her life, but he claims he never actually wanted to kill her.

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“I didn't intend to kill her, I wasn't trying to get rid of her, it wanted to delay until my papers were done. I didn't want to pay back that $3,000,” said Moss.

Rachel has suffered extensive, lifelong injuries as a result of the stabbing, including blindness in one eye.

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