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Softball Coach Troy Hennum Sends Players To Find Him Dates

Seattle softball coach Troy Hennum has been accused of sending his female players on missions to find him dates. This isn’t the first time that the high school coach has been accused of using players on his team in inappropriate ways. He has been suspended from the squad.

Kat Aagard was approached by a group of giggling teenagers who were members of the softball team. They got the 25-year-old to give them her number and took her picture for their coach to review. The girls told Aagard that they were on a scavenger hunt to get photos of pretty girls for Hennum, reports Komo News.

Aagard received a text soon afterward. "He said, 'This is Troy, the Roosevelt softball coach," she said. When he asked her out, she declined and told him that using his players to pick up women was a little weird. "He goes, 'Right? Genius. Great way to meet a girl. Use my girls. LOL. Gotta be careful,'" Aagard said. "(I texted) 'You're a creeper.' He's goes, 'Really, I'm a creeper?'" Aagard alerted administrators at the school.

This isn't the first time Hennum has gotten in trouble with text messages.

Last year Hennum was coaching softball at Lake Washington High School. He landed in hot water for texting an individual student. School district officials say that he texted a female player and asked to meet her alone at an out-of-town tournament. He was not accused of having any inappropriate physical contact with the young lady.

The coach may have realized the error of his ways. "I want to call and, first off, sincerely apologize for any inconvenience myself or the team caused you," he said in a voicemail to Aagard.

A report about the coach is below:

Source: (Komo News)


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