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Sodexo Becomes a Green Giant

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Major food service company Sodexo is joining the growing Meatless Monday campaign. The company plans to start delivering plant-based entrées to the 900 hospitals that it serves. And soon after that, it will begin offering meatless options at 2,000 corporations, 175 government offices, 650 college campuses, 500 school districts, and 150 private schools. If all of Sodexo's 10 million customers participate in Meatless Mondays, 52 million fewer meat-based meals will be eaten every year!

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"This fits in so well with our Better Tomorrow Plan, which is all about promoting health and wellness, protecting and restoring the environment, and supporting local community development," says Nitu Gupta, vice president of brand management for Sodexo health care. "Meatless Monday is a simple thing we can all do …. Little changes in our behavior can have a profound effect."

Considering that runoff from factory farms pollutes our waterways more than all other industries combined, that half of all the water consumed in the U.S. is used to raise farmed animals, and that 16 pounds of grain are used to produce 1 pound of meat, the environmental impact of Sodexo's decision is profound indeed.

Thanks, Sodexo, for celebrating Earth Day every week!

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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