Ohio Man Sues At Least 40 People for Honking in Front of His House

Horn-honker haters, take note: a man in Hubbard, Ohio, is suing at least 40 honkers who, he believes, are part of a “vast conspiracy” devoted to honking in front of his house.

Rick Krlich explains that drivers have been honking consistently on their way past his house for the past seven years – so consistently, in fact, that he and his wife Cindy have endured some 5,000 honks.

“In the beginning, it was 100 times a day,” says Rick Krlich. Lately, that rate has settled down to a mere once or twice a day.

The honking has been such a regular feature, Krlich says, that he can differentiate between an import horn and a domestic horn.

Krlich says that the honking conspiracy began as a feud between neighbors. In an attempt to buy the house next door to his own, which had belonged to the Clemente family for generations, Krlich sued John Clemente, who was fire chief at the time.

 Krlich’s attempt to sue Clemente and buy the house, however, failed. Clemente moved into the house and, as Krlich says, promptly encouraged the beginning of the horn-honking tradition.

Clemente, for his part, maintains that he never instigated the trend, although his son’s friends do honk as a way to say goodbye when they leave the house.

Krlich has installed surveillance cameras on the street, which have caught many a honker over the years, including a fireman and a police officer. He has even gone so far as to start a website to house his complaints, where he proclaims the problem to be a case of “small town terrorism.”

“Just a regular beep or just to beep at the neighbors across the street, he’ll take you to court,” reports Clemente’s wife.

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