Socialist Group That Pushes For $20 Minimum Wage Offers $13 In Job Ad


A socialist group is being accused of hypocrisy after it protested in favor of a minimum wage hike to $20 an hour and then reportedly posted a job ad at its own company for just $13.

Freedom Socialist Party, which is based in Seattle, reportedly posted an ad on and asking for all candidates seeking a position as a Web content manager to send them their resumes – as long as they were willing to be paid $13 an hour, reports

The ad read: “Part-time position for socialist website at a Seattle progressive, non-profit organization (Work site located in the U-District). We are looking for someone to fill the shoes of a graphic designer/ web content manager. Your daily tasks will be divided between graphic design such as creating flyers and leaflets, and posting content to the site such as events, articles and statements. Good position that allows flexibility for a student or someone seeking part-time work.”

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The ad continued: “We are a socialist feminist political party, so interest in the fights for women’s/LGBTQI/people of color/immigrant rights, as well as other pressing social issues, is encouraged.”

Beneath an additional list of duties the worker would be asked to perform, the organization lists the salary as “$13.00/hr or DOE.”

According to Pundit Press, the same organization rallied in 2012 in favor of two candidates – Stephen Durham for president and Christina Lopez for vice president – whom they said would fight for a higher minimum wage.

The group reportedly called for candidates to “Raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour. Provide a guaranteed annual income. Free medical care for all, including reproductive services and abortion. End foreclosures and expand low-cost public housing.”

Although the Freedom Socialist Party is not offering a $20 minimum wage salary, its $13 offering is higher than the current federal minimum wage requirement of $7.25 an hour.

Sources:, Pundit Press

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