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Hunter Faces Backlash For Killing Rare Snow Leopard

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Over 100,000 people signed a petition to force a wealthy hunter to face justice after killing a rare snow leopard and posing with the body hung around his shoulders.

Hossein "Soudy" Golabchi was pictured smiling with the dead animal after he killed it -- which occurred at some point before 2008 in Asia. Golabchi, originally from Iran, runs a successful construction company in Augusta, Georgia. A petition was ultimately started to bring Golabchi to justice after the photo went viral.

"There’s nowhere in the entire Western hemisphere (and the rest of the world) that allows anyone to go into Central Asia to "trophy hunt" a snow leopard," the petition read, Daily Mail reported.

"It is illegal to own their body parts or their beautiful fur and importing their remains into the United States is a federal offense. This long-time and prolific trophy hunter of rare cats must be made an example of or these magnificent cats will vanish forever."

Many readers expressed outrage toward the wealthy hunter for killing such a rare animal for sport.

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"What a complete piece of excrement, you big brave hunter with your gun. May you be blessed with a conscious and empathy and sympathy. I cannot think of anything more painful to inflict on you, than the thought of loss and extreme guilt. YOU WILL PAY," one Daily Mail reader commented.

"Senseless. I'm a hunter too but if you're not going to eat what you kill then it simply boils down to a mans ego seeking fulfillment that will never be satiated. If you MUST kill then why don't you grab your gear and go support the young men and women serving overseas in combat," a Fox News reader commented.

"I prefer shooting these kind of animals with a camera, I have no problem with something being killed to eat, if you don't eat it don't kill it, except for wild hogs they're destructive and reproduce in great numbers, and there's no limit, otherwise follow the game laws, poachers should go to jail," another wrote.

"Why people want to kill a beautiful creature like this just for sport is beyond me. I hunted growing up and mainly because we was poor and deer meat was a big help. this guy isn't hungry. he isn't eating the cat. to him it's just the thrill of the kill. damn sad that animal had to die for him to get a rush," another added.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Fox News / Featured Image: Macpedia/Flickr / Embedded Images: via Daily Mail

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