Social Media Site Reddit Allows Gun Sales Without Background Checks


The social media site Reddit is known for its celebrity interviews and upskirt pictures of unsuspecting females, but there is also a Sub-Reddit section called "GunsForSale" where people sell firearms.

According to Mother Jones, this section of Reddit has hosted over 1000 postings of gun sales by 400 Reddit users.

Almost 100 AR-15 assault rifles have been sold Reddit's logo with the blessing of Reddit's owner, magazine publishing house Conde Nast, which simply says that Reddit is "completely separate."

Even though Reddit clearly facilitates gun sales and even sets up rules for gun sales, Reddit's communications director Victoria Taylor told Mother Jones: "Reddit neither condones nor does not condone the buying and selling of firearms through the site, as long as users are not using the site to violate applicable US laws."

However, Reddit doesn't enforce "applicable US laws."

Some Reddit users say guns are often sold without background checks, which means a convicted felon or mentally ill person could easily purchase an assault rifle.

Because Reddit is anonymous, unlicensed sellers can fly under the radar of even the most basic regulations, notes Gizmodo.

Mother Jones claims that one gun seller "Firearm Concierge," who posted 268 listings for guns on Reddit, also tweeted:

Listen, I'm not saying I want to see Sandy Hook Part II but another 20 or 30 dead kids would really dress out my balance sheet.

Sources: Gizmodo, Twitter,Mother Jones


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