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Sochi: Russian Government Poisons Street Dogs To Cull Strays Before Olympics

The Russian government has hired a company to kill stray dogs before the Olympics. Stray dogs are a part of everyday life in the city and the population is sizable.

The owner of the company hired to reduce this population is Alexei Sorokin, who defends the practice of culling by use of poison in an interview with ABC News.

Sorokin called the dogs “incubators for disease” that could potentially disrupt the Olympic games by attacking tourists and even interfering with competitions.

"Let's call things by their real name. These dogs are biological trash," he said.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo News said that he saw several dead dogs near some of the mountain areas. He tweeted that it was very disturbing to see the large dogs dead.

Andrew Chang of CBC tweeted that several of the dogs were outside his hotel and were very sweet and gentle. He said some of the police officers were sympathetic and fed them.

Source: Business Insider, ABC News


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