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This Sochi Men’s Bathroom Has One Stall, Two Toilets

A photo tweeted Monday night by a BBC Moscow correspondent shows a men’s bathroom at a Sochi Olympic facility that has one stall with two toilets.

"Seeing double in the Gentlemen's Loo at the Olympic Biathlon Centre," tweeted the BBC’s Steve Rosenberg.

Russian politicians have used the photo to criticize the high cost of the Sochi Olympics, which turned out to be the most expensive in history.

"This is the men's room in the media center for the Sochi Olympics 1.5 billion rubles [$44 million],” tweeted opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

The Twitterverse was delighted by the photo.

“$50B will get you a bonus toilet in the bathrooms ... Incredible waste! (Pun intended.),” tweeted @NoSochi2014.

“Clearly someone missed ‘Stall Installation’ on their Punchlist,” tweeted @ownerinsite.

“Haha. Fort,” wrote Abder Heudz.

The BBC quoted one unidentified blogger who wrote, "Two toilets—28,000 roubles. Olympic media centre—1.5bn roubles. Global embarrassment—priceless."

"It also doesn't look like a toilet paper dispenser is in a suitable location,” said Fox Sports’ Jimmy Traina.

“Don't know what bother's me more about the Sochi restrooms; the communal-style or I can't see the toilet paper,” tweeted Sandra Glover Clarke.

Sources: Newser, BBC


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