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Soccer Star Hires Muzzled Bear For Son's Birthday Party

FC Torpedo Moscow midfielder Kirill Kombarov, 27, found himself at the center of controversy after he hired a trained and muzzled bear for his 2-year-old son’s birthday party.

According to the Daily Mail, the bear was rented out from the Stepan Nikulin Circus after Kombarov saw a television performance showcasing the bears “talents.” The bear has also been featured in multiple films, which has increased its popularity throughout all of Russia.

Photographs of the birthday party show Kombarov’s son riding on the back of the muzzled bear who hardly bares any resemblance to his fellow species featured on the National Geographic Channel.

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In brash terms, the bear has been institutionalized into finding it perfectly natural that a 2-year-old, who might otherwise be looked at as prey, can safely sit on its back and chuckle away.

The muzzle and humanizing tie featured in each picture only debauches the occasion even further than previously thought.

Although a case for animals housed in zoos can be made, due to either the threat of extinction or public awareness and interest in nature, there exists no justification for the training and parading that comes along with animals being chained to the circus.

There is something to be said for seeing a tiger up close and personal. The overt goal should be to admire the creature and thus act on this admiration by donating or legislating in favor of anti-poaching agendas. Naturally, Asian and Indian preservation laws do not concern the U.S. in a governmental sense, but as citizens of the world we should have a vested interest in protecting rare and exotic animals.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo: Google, Daily Mail


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