Soccer Coach Sentenced To Just One Year In Prison For Raping 16-Year-Old Player


A California youth soccer coach was sentenced to just one year in prison after he was convicted of intoxicating and raping an unconscious 16-year-old female player on his team.

The coach, 45-year-old Timothy Lyman, was sentenced on Tuesday. He will spend an additional three years on probation and be forced to register as a sex offender.

Oakdale, California police report that Lyman raped the girl on December 27, 2012 after she passed out at a holiday party at his house. An investigation revealed that Lyman provided alcohol at the party to the players on his team, all of whom are underage. Lyman was the only adult at the party.

The victim testified in court that she was intoxicated when she passed out on a bed at the party. She woke up to Lyman raping her. The victim told court officials that she was horrified as Lyman continued raping her after she regained consciousness.

Lyman pleaded no contest to the charges.

If you think a one year prison sentence seems light for someone who intoxicated and raped a teenage girl, you’re not alone. A quick scan of the comment sections on sites reporting the story reveals a common reaction from readers: Only one year?

Ordinarily, raping a minor in California is punishable by no less than seven years in prison. It is not known why Lyman was offered a plea bargain that so severely reduced his sentence.

For good reason, the victim’s father sounded furious in a statement released to Stanislaus County law enforcement officials.

“Whoever would do this to a 16-year-old girl is just sick,” he said. “This devastated my family. Lots of sleepless nights for my daughter. Sleepless nights for myself. It’s just sick."

Source: LA Times, The Modesto Bee, Shouse California Law Group


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