The So-Called 'Military Mistress' Is In Trouble With The Law Again

Bobbi Ann House, 39, was dubbed the “Military Mistress” after marrying at least 14 U.S. servicemen and stealing their money. She was convicted of fraud in 2011, but it seems she’s on the run again.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office said Bobbi Ann and her husband, Zackerie House, are wanted for writing bad checks in Oregon, Colorado and Oklahoma. The couple allegedly wrote checks for a total of nearly $13,500 in less than a month.

Authorities believe the couple is living out of a bright blue 2005 Cadillac Escalade that they bought with a bad check at Universal Auto Sales in Salem, Oregon. The vehicle has since been reported stolen.

Authorities also discovered the couple bought food at a farm and ranch chain store in Checotah, Oklahoma, on March 30. They also bought "large quantities" of supplies at an outdoor store and local grocery stores.

"It was pretty apparent that they were taking a trip," Sgt. Chris Baldridge, a Marion County sheriff's spokesman, told The Oregonian. He urged anyone who’s received a bad check to contact their local law enforcement agency.

Source: The Oregonian / Image via The Oregonian


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