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Snowball Fight Turns Violent At Warner Robins High School, Arrests Made

A snowball fight turned violent at Warner Robins High School when a
group of about 30 people attacked four others.

The victims were taking their children sledding and were parked at
Warner Robins High School.

A group of approximately 30 people were throwing snow balls and targeting
their vehicles. When one victim asked them to stop, the group was
attacked, reports The Telegraph.

A woman and her baby were hit with snowballs. Three others in the
group were beaten during the violent attack. Three people suffered
concussions, another two broken ribs.

A sledding group victim claims no one in their group instigated
physical contact.

Photos were posted to social media of the attack by the alleged
attackers making light of the fight. The police used the photos to
identify suspects.

Terrell Antonio Boyd, 17, was charged with battery. Shymalik Raekwon
Mitchell, 17, was charged with aggravated assault, according to the
Warner Robins Police Department.

A sledding group victim says racial comments were yelled at them
during the attack.

Frontpage MAG quotes John J. Owens from Macon Telegraph: "Color
doesn't matter, only the 'idiot factor' matters."

But people in Macon are wondering why so many people are "treading so
lightly around this racial violence."

The victims are asking that their names not be released as they fear
retaliation for themselves and their children, who attend the school.


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