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Snow Plow Discovers Dead Body After New York Blizzard

A snow plow driver found a teenage shooting victim's body while cleaning the street after a winter storm in Brooklyn, New York.

Police said that the snow plow operator discovered the body of 19-year-old Trevon Dickens after it blocked his plow, NY Daily News reports. The body was found in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, outside of a playground.

The NYC Sanitation Department plow was reportedly in the middle of clearing the street after the uncommonly late winter storm, which left 7 inches of snow in New York City, according to the NY Times.

"At first I thought he got hit by the plow but then I realized he'd been shot," said bus driver Jermaine Colthirst, 32, who watched police investigate the scene. "He was lying face-up in the middle of the street."

"He was shot at least three times, one time in the head and two times in the body," said Colthirst. "He was just lying there in front of the plow."

Police reportedly came after they received a call about an assault around 6:15 p.m. on March 15. EMS workers declared Dickens dead at the scene, according to WPIX.

After police cordoned off the crime scene with blue tape and draped Dickens' body with a white sheet, family members mourned for the teenager, NY Post reports.

A distraught woman thought to be Dickens' sister, who arrived to the scene later, yelled, "My brother! My brother is gone! Oh God, my brother is gone!"

Relatives consoled the woman as she collapsed in the street. Police reportedly escorted her to a patrol car nearby.

Witnesses have stated that Dickens was seen talking to two men before the shooting. Police have yet to confirm whether those men were involved in Dickens' death.

Authorities are still reportedly searching for the identity of the shooter or shooters.

The late winter storm had been forecast to drop up to 20 inches of snow on New York City, but reportedly dropped less than half of that, with the official total snowfall in Central Park measuring 7.2 inches. Outside of the city, as much as 30 inches fell on parts of the East Coast, and at least 200,000 homes lost power throughout the Northeast.

Mayor Bill De Blasio warned New Yorkers to stay inside during the blizzard. "The message to all New Yorkers is: Stay off the roads; stay off the sidewalks to the maximum extent possible," De Blasio said.

Sources: NY Post, NY Daily News, NY Times, WPIX / Photo Credit: William C. Lopez/NY Post

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