Snoop Dogg Calls Arnold Schwarzenegger 'Racist' (Video)


Rapper Snoop Dogg slammed former Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California for shortening the prison sentence of Esteban Nunez, but refusing to stop the state execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams (video below).

Dogg stated on Instagram:

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a straight b----. Punk motherf-----. How the f--- you going to let this n----- out of jail, n------, but you’re going to kill Tookie Williams n----- because homeboy was your friend? You is a b----, you is a punk. Motherf----. I can't stand you. You is one motherf----- racist piece of s----. F-- you Arnold Schwarzen--------. You got the right name n-----.

Esteban Nunez's father, Fabian Nunez, the former California state Assembly Speaker, lobbied to have his son's prison sentence shortened, which Schwarzenegger did on his last day in office, notes TMZ.

Esteban was originally sentenced to 16 years in prison after pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter and assault (with co-defendant Ryan Jett) in the stabbing death of Luis Santos, an unarmed college student in 2008, reports KCRA.

Schwarzenegger reduced Esteban's sentence to seven years with three years of parole. Esteban was released April 10 after Santos' family sued and failed to stop Schwarzenegger's action.

"Too bad that my child is buried underground and this guy gets to go out and celebrate," said Santos' mother, Kathy Santos.

"He has been enabled his whole life," Kathy added. "He got off on murder through the ‘good old boy’ network. Why would he change?"

Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown of California did sign a bill in 2011 to make the commuting of sentences more transparent, but it was not soon enough for the Santos family.

The slain young man's father, Fred Santos, added:

It doesn't prevent another governor from doing another political friend a favor. What it does is prevent them from doing this in secret, which is what happened.

And we're not contesting Gov. Schwarzenegger's right to commute. We're only disappointed that we were not given a chance to convince him otherwise, not that he would ever listen to what we have to say.

Williams, who was an early leader of the West Side Crips gang, was convicted of four murders and executed by lethal injection in 2005. Schwarzenegger refused to issue a stay or clemency. 


Sources: TMZ, Instagram, KCRA / Photo credit: Snoop Dogg via YouTube

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