Man's Pythons Terrify Subway Passengers


New York City passengers traveling home for the evening were shocked when they saw a man holding two enormous snakes on the train.

The unidentified man was casually holding the reptiles on the C train, according to one eyewitness, Eric Hertzog, who took a picture of the man with his phone.

Hertzog, a KTU radio producer, was on the subway when he saw the man “playing” with both snakes. Hertzog noted that the man had one python above his head, which was hanging from a railing, while the other sat between his legs. At least one snake was about six feet long.

One passenger was preoccupied and nearly sat next to the snakes, but quickly realized his mistake and ran to the other side of the subway car.

After three stops, the man put the snakes in bags and placed them in his backpack before exiting at 14th Street station. After he exited the train, Hertzog uploaded the photos to Instagram and gave them the hashtags “#snakesonasubway” and “#sh*tgotreal”.

“11pm subway. Dude just letting his snake chill like its nothing,” Hertzog wrote.

A Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesperson later reported that the man may have violated the transit rules of conduct, specifically under Section 1050.9(h)(1), which prohibits passengers from bringing animals onto trains unless they’re enclosed in a manner that wouldn’t annoy other riders.

Sources: DailyMail, 9 News

Photo Credit: Eric Hertzog


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