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Store Owner Successfully Fights Off Would-Be Robber (Video)

Store Owner Successfully Fights Off Would-Be Robber (Video) Promo Image

A smoothie shop owner in Texas captured the nation's attention after he successfully fought off an alleged robber on Dec. 28 (video below).

At about 11 a.m., the would-be robber pointed a gun at the Bambu Desserts and Drinks owner, demanding he open the safe before pushing him to the ground, surveillance video shows.

"I thought I was going to die," the owner said, KIAH reports. "He told me he was gonna shoot me. The gun could've went off, and it would have shot into my stomach. And that's a .357, so I would have been dead."

But the owner says he was able to free himself from the man's grasp off camera and wrestled the weapon away from the alleged robber, whom the owner later described as not too bright.

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"The guy's an idiot," the owner later remarked. "He even told the cop, he was like, when the cop grabbed the gun from the counter and he brought it into the car, he said the suspect said, 'Can I have my gun back?'"

Soon after, Harris County sheriff's deputies arrived at the Houston-area smoothie store and handcuffed the alleged robber and as well two of his alleged lookouts.

While the owner fired some shots at one point, shattering windows and the glass front door, no one was harmed.

"I guess I was just lucky," the owner said. "I was lucky that there were police around this area at the time."

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Many online were thrilled to watch the video.

"I applaud all who fight back," wrote one person in the Daily Mail's comments section. "Being passive only emboldens all criminals. When the reward/risk ratio changes, there will be less of this."

"Glad the owner is OK," added another. "Thank goodness for lousy criminals."

"I love a happy ending!" commented a third.

It is not the first time an attempted robbery failed after victims fought back.

At a Starbucks coffee shop in California, 58-year old customer Cregg Jerri slammed 30-year-old suspect Ryan Michael Florez's back with a chair after he held a barista at knifepoint and demanded money, reports the Miami Herald.

A fight broke out and eventually both men were stabbed. Florez stabbed Jerri in the neck, while Jerri stabbed Florez in the face and torso.

Florez ran away. When a passerby saw the bloodied man on the run, they called the police.

Initially, Florez told authorities he was the victim of a robbery, but by the time he was hospitalized, police had determined Florez was the robber.

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