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Smart Move: Man Sets Himself On Fire After Lighting A Cigarette While Stealing Gasoline

A 26-year-old man accidentally set himself on fire recently because he lit up a cigarette while stealing gasoline.

Dear thief, did the thought “Hey, there’s gasoline all over me. Maybe it’s not the best time to use a lighter” really never cross your mind?

The thief was caught on video running around the car parking lot while ablaze. Police showed up at the scene after a witness reported seeing a car parking lot on fire. By the time they arrived, the fire spread to several other cars in the lot.

The officers inspected the man and sent him to the hospital after seeing his badly burned legs. The parking lot owner, meanwhile, estimates the fire caused about $100,000 in damage to his property and the cars on it.

"He was trying to get the fuel out of the car by punching a hole in the tank - that's when the explosion happened,” he said. "There's be about $110,000 worth of cars that have been lost and there's a bit of damage to the walls. We were very lucky the workshop didn't catch on fire because there's cars just over the other side of the wall."

After being treated for his burns, the man was charged with arson and illegal interference with a motor vehicle.

Sources: Huffington Post, Adelaide Now


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