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Smart Dog Rides Public Bus To Park By Herself (Video)

Eclipse, a Black Labrador and Bull Mastiff mix, regularly rides a public bus in Seattle, Washington, to a park by herself.

The 2-year-old dog sometimes sits alone, but will also ride next to friendly commuters, noted (video below).

"She sits here just like a person does,” commuter Tiona Rainwater told KOHN. “She's a person and all the bus drivers know her."

“She’s been urbanized, totally. She’s a bus-riding, sidewalk-walking dog,” said Eclipse's owner Jeff Young. “We get separated. She gets on the bus without me, and I catch up with her at the dog park."

Seattle's bus system Metro Transit likes Eclipse, but added “she would be much safer if she had her owner on a leash.”

Sources:, KOHN
Image Credit: KOHN Screenshot


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