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Small Town Mayor, Reporter Get Into Scuffle (Video)

Small town politics turned tense last Thursday in Richmond Heights, Ohio, when Mayor Miesha Headen appeared to shove a camera held by Northeast Ohio Media Group reporter Sarah Dorn.

Dorn was trying to ask Mayor Headen about her assistant who was reportedly charged in 2007 for theft and forgery, noted (video below).

Mayor Headen appears to push Dorn's camera, causing the reporter to yell, “Excuse me, ma’am, do not attack me!”

Mayor Headen tells Dorn that she did not give her permission to film her, but Dorn fires back that she does not need permission.

Dorn repeatedly asks Mayor Headen if she knew about her staffer's past and whether or not she ran a background check.

“I apologize, by the way, for touching your camera,” Mayor Headen grimly answers. “We are committed to transparency.”

Dorn follows the mayor to her car and asks about some recent city firings, but Mayor Headen refuses to answer.

"I had a lot of questions and I can never get a hold of her on the phone so I jumped at the opportunity to talk to her," Dorn told

"I was not aware that public officials did not have to give consent for our images," Mayor Headen countered. "I'd done video with Sara [Dorn] in the past and she had always asked my consent."



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