Small Town Cops Ignore Laws Already on Books in Protest of Pending Gun Control


Police are sworn to uphold the law, but some police officers are allowing their political beliefs to trump their job responsibilities. As many as 200 police officers across the country are actively ignoring existing gun control laws in order to protest pending gun control legislation.

Police Chief Mark Kessler of Gilberton Borough, Penn., and hundreds of fellow pro-gun police officers gathered at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association to talk about hot-button issues affecting modern police officers.

One of the biggest topics was how police officers were rebelling against federal and state gun control laws. Kessler boasted that he and city officials worked together on his so-called Second Amendment Protection Resolution, which “nullified every single gun-control law in the nation” for his small 800-person town.

Kessler argued, “I have a very unique view. If you want to own a firearm, carry a gun under your jacket or over your jacket, the Second Amendment is your concealed carry permit, period. … It has nothing to do with self-defense; it has to do with [freedom from] tyranny.”

Kessler was joined by Michael Peroutka, an attorney who encouraged his county to adopt a resolution that ignores the gun control Maryland Firearms Safety Act of 2013. He stated, “When a peace officer refuses to enforce an unconstitutional act the peace officer is not breaking the law, but upholding the law.”

On the one hand, it’s commendable that these police officers are standing up for their convictions. On the other hand, these police officers aren’t doing their job -- plain and simple. It is the responsibility of police officers to uphold the law, regardless of whether or not they agree with it. Allowing law enforcement officers to arbitrarily pick and choose which laws to enforce seriously undermines the legal system.

Moreover, these resolutions would inevitably meet a grisly end if they were challenged in court. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder warned state legislators that he would come down hard if they passed similar resolutions, so nullifying gun control laws at the county or city level would certainly also fall under Holder’s threat.

Source: WND


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