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Small Kids Curse And Punch Train Passengers (Video)

A video (below) featuring a group of 6- to 7-year old boys cursing and hitting passengers on a Philadelphia train on March 24 has gone viral.

The video was originally filmed and posted on Facebook by Patrick Coyle, who wrote on his page: “I was on the train I’m the one recording it I’m the one that got punched in the balls I started recording it after they smacked some lady and cursed her out.”

Coyle appears to be assaulted by one youngster on the video, which was blurred out and bleeped by TV news.

NBC Philadelphia notes that five boys dropped the F-bomb, made racist slurs, used slang for men's genitals and more.

"When you watch that video as a parent, and as a human being, you are alarmed for the well-being of those children," Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Police Chief Thomas Nestel told KYW-TV, which reports there were four boys.

According to police, the aunt of two of the boys got off the train with the youngsters. She is heard saying, “You’re not allowed to speak that way. Go!”

“This isn’t a case where it’s 6:00 in the morning when we identify them, we’re going to be breaking down their door and dragging them out in little handcuffs,” Nestel noted. “That's not the goal, the goal is to get them help.”

"Me as a parent, I just want to apologize to everybody and especially to the man," Aurelis Rivera, the mom of two of the boys, told WCAU.

"They sent me the video, I'm like, 'My kids?' And when I seen that, I was like, 'Oh my God!'" Rivera added. "That was just shocking, I was ashamed a little bit."

A former neighbor, Jazzlyn Serrano, said the children's behavior has been "going on for years."

David Perez, the boys' stepfather, said Coyle "instigated it to the point where they was acting like that."

Rivera insisted that her kids "are not like that."

Rivera and Perez said they are working on some unidentified issues with the boys.

Sources: KYW-TV, WCAU / Photo credit: Patrick Coyle via YouTube

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