Florida Man Fined For Flying Gadsden Flag Outside Of His Store (Video)

A man in Ocala, Florida, claims that the city has threatened to fine him if he doesn’t take down a Gadsden flag from outside of his store, and now, the man is firing back.

According to The Blaze, Keith Greenberg was told by the city that he is allowed to fly an American flag outside of his store, which sells knives, but that the Gadsden flag was inappropriate.

“This is a shock,” said Greenberg.. “Honestly, I feel like this is Russia. I’ve been around the world … this is what you expect in really closed countries where there is no freedom of expression. Not here — so it’s shocking.”

City ordinance section 110-131 specifically prohibits the yellow flag, but Greenberg still refuses to take it down.

Greenberg is also reportedly being fined up to $500 per day for displaying the flag, and the small business owner says that financially, the charges will ruin him and his business.

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“The city of Ocala is demanding I take this down,” said Greenberg in a YouTube video. “We find ourselves in a sad place where local municipalities are stepping all over people’s freedom with the signing of a pen.”

Greenberg noted to The Blaze that the response from the city about his flag confused him because there are plenty of businesses in Ocala displaying flags that aren't American, including a car dealership with Mexican flags and an Irish pub displaying an Irish flag. Greenberg was unable to say if these businesses were also being faced with the same issues that he was, however.

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Despite the response from the city and potential fines, Greenberg says he plans to fight the ordinance by appealing in front of city council at their next meeting.

Sources: The Blaze, Viral Survival


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