Slow Motion GIF Shows Former Cop Michael Slager Allegedly Planting Taser Near Body Of Walter Scott

A slow motion GIF (below) posted on Reddit was taken directly from eyewitness video of former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager killing 50-year-old Walter Scott on Saturday, and when looking closely, it appears to back up claims that the cop tried to plant a taser near Scott’s body to exonerate himself.

Warning: The GIF is graphic and some viewers may find it disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised. 

In the now viral GIF, Slager appears to drop a taser next to Scott as he lay face down in the grass after being shot by Slager five times while running away. Slager initially claimed that Scott tried to take his taser away and posed a threat to him, ultimately forcing the officer to shoot him, but eyewitness video released on Tuesday actually shows Scott running away as Slager fired eight shots, five of which struck the 50-year-old father.

Rumors that Slager planted the taser gun in an effort to exonerate himself have been swirling all week, but a closer look at the footage posted by Reddit user I_HALF_CATS may just prove the rumors to be true.

“I wonder what he thought when he looked around and saw the guy holding his phone up,” one Reddit user pointed out.

“The casual way in which he does it almost makes me wonder if this isn't his first time,” another user commented.

Take a look at the slow motion image below and decide for yourself whether Slager indeed planted the taser.

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Sources: Reddit, Imgur / Photo Sources: NY Daily News, The Guardian


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